Sunday, 25 December 2011

Pelamin Simple

hari ni demam pelamin datang balik...
dah lebih sebulan x hupdate laceungu.. (bz dgn kerja)
and  hari ini dah ade mood dah..
hey brides, uolss dah buat persiapan ape je..
Me? Not yet even kursus kahwin!
oHmGee.. ape nak jadi nih?
another 7 days dah masuk new year, lepas tu  ade 6 bulan je nak wat preparation..
kelam kabut lah kalau macam ni..
dah berangan semua gift nak DIY sendiri, tp ape pun tak ade sekarang..
cam mane?

ok membebel banyak.. sekarang nak share pelamin impian ni..
i sangat suke yang simple bersih and ade ciri 2 fairytale ... ecceh!
pelamin pilihan i adalah pelamin khemah.. rumah teres pepaham je lew kan.. 
so pls scrolldown ye bride bride sekalian..

ade lagi 2 picca yang i jumpe, tp x sempat nak copy.. so yg 3 ni je sofar yg berkenan and sempat save. To owner picca maaf ea.. saya paste picca anda disini.. 

Till Then..

Monday, 21 November 2011

a lazy bride to be

hyr b2b and g2g,

Hye guys, iam super tired now,
felt want to go bath and sleep ..

Now , i just feel like useless or super bride lazy to be,
guess what, date my big day on june or july 2012,
until now, nothing in our listing even for kursus kahwin before end of 2011.

My friends and fiancee best friends ask me which bridal  that i choose, thema, colour and what so ever bout the Caremony. I dunno what to say and answer them back! as u know i just choose theme colour which is purple and silver instead of grey and the rest still pending.

Dear brides please share the info for 7month bride to be, seriously, i dont know what to do know!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Guest Book DIY

hey B2B!!
I guess mesti uolss semua akan buat guest book for ur big day kan??
same goes to me.. giler jugak dekat guest book ni..
but macam mane nak buat or beli guest book? and if ada jual pun cantik ke guest book tuh?
boleyh jumpe yang sama  thema tak warna guest book tuh? *sigh*
later i akan hupdate kat mana dan bagaimana nak DIY guest book ok.

Below pictures contoh DIY guest book yang i jumpe . klik link ni >
semua cantik-cantik ohkey!

Semua pun terbaik kan? but i rase uolss yang nak buat macam ni kene belajar dulu buat bunag kertas tuh, if x tau hancur lah nanti.

FYI i lebih prefer yang simple macam below picca.

Simple yet nice! that's a word. well memandangkan i punye engagement album x siap-siao due to Mr fiance super busy siapkan album orang lain , better i buat DIY album same as like cover Guestbook. mane tau if ada rezeki than jadi plak. so boleh lah DIY Guestbook sendiri!!

Monday, 24 October 2011


Me and my fiance has made decision to postpone our big day.
**Mr Groom to be continued his study because this year  is last intake for chargeman A1 and A0 for private class**
So we decided to postpone and let Groom to be focus on his class first.

Wish us luck .

Monday, 26 September 2011

bunga pahar @ bunga telur

hye! nak share ni. i dah jumpe and dah dapat idea nak buat bunge telur cam mane untuk wedding day nanti.
murah and yang penting i do it my self (DIY) .
Jom cuci mata:-

nice cute. confirm i buat yang macam ni!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Memilih door gift

Its almost 1 month  i wonder  what kind of gift to present for my guest, some like cheap , usefull and remembered. so after googling i found  these are few gift to remembered and usefull .

1- Mug 

2- Frame

3 - Handkerchief

4- Kipas tangan 

5 - dompet syiling

6 - hp case

7- set sudu mini

8-memo holder

9-Tuala riben bersudu 

dah berbaloi those thing ni if nak buat doorgift, but for me, i choose yasin for muslim untuk non muslim belum fikir lagi nak bagi apa. 

BTW, untuk paperbag doorgift , i suke yang bawah ni . cheap & cute .

see next entry!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Usefull Wedding invitation card .

Wedding invitation is the main for any event moreover for wedding caremony. .
so than how much u want to spend for your wedding  invitation card?

as all know, wedding card are symbolic for invite people , but do you know that their will throw your card like buang sampah??. i was thinking how to make my wedding card more usefull, than their not simply throw  my card after read the map and etc. For those who think like me, here are some suggestion to you.

Kad kahwin kipas

adore this (kad kahwin kalendar)

So far i cume tahu 2 jenis kad ni je yang susah cikit diorang akan buang terus ke tong sampah, kalau ad lagi i hupdate later k.
For these below picca i really like the card. But how beutiful and expensive they are, finally they gonna put 'em at dusbin too. -___-"

purple ribbon